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Hi new to forum, found a yard sale Old Cadillac wood with clock?

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I bought this today at a yard sale, Just had to have it being it looked so old and the clock is still working. looks like it attached to a dash board?, cigar holder, paper pad holder?

waltham clock

fleetwood body corp.

fleetwood pa, new york, NY

does anyone have a clue? Is it from a Cadillac and if so any info year?







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Fleetwood built bodies for many car makers before being purchased by Fisher in 1925. Those makes include ALCO, American Fiat, Benz, Biddle, Chadwick, Crane-Simplex, Daniels, DaVinci, Doble, Duesenberg, Ford, Fox, FRP, Hispano-Suiza, Isotta-Fraschini, Julian, Lafayette, Lancia, Lincoln, Locomobile, Minerva, Mercedes-Benz, Meteor, Owen Magnetic, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Porter, Renault, Richelieu, Rolls-Royce, SGV, and Simplex along with individual creations for the wealthy.

The item in question could have come from any of those makes. It is somewhat unlikely that it came from a Cadillac, but none the less would be something a restorer of many different cars with Fleetwood bodies would likely pay a pretty penny to have.


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