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1937 Chevy Throw out bearing - help!


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Guest 36chev

I'm not sure, but didn't these still use the carbon faced "bearing" that rubs on a cast iron "block?" That's the way the 30's Chevrolet's work at least through 1936.

Is the noise like a vibrating rattle? If so, my 36 does this as well--a person in our car club who has a 37 it does the same thing. As you stated, slight pressure on the clutch pedal stops the rattle.

I believe what happens is the carbon, if not in contact with or extremely to the cast iron block, will allow the clutch fork to vibrate and rattle against the bell housing and other things. I've see after market kits that supposedly went on the clutch linkage to alleviate this problem.

This design by Chevrolet, in my opinion, was not the greatest--push the clutch, which pulls a two-link chain hooked to an arm going to the the clutch fork, which pushes this carbon "bearing" to rub against the machined block to push against the clutch forks to disengage the clutch.

For awhile, I slid a rubber hose up over the end of clutch fork a little ways into the bell housing--that kept it from rattling around. But that soon wore through.

The other thing I tried it to keep it adjusted tightly--so that the carbon is contact with the block all the time. But of course, that just quickly wears off a little bit of the carbon and back to the rattle.

Probably not the best practice, but I sometime just rest my foot on the clutch, which keeps the carbon against the block. Or more usually, I find that if I "pop" the clutch pedal in and out a number of times if after getting into high (or whatever gear I'm going to be in awhile), I can get it to a "sweet spot" where it won't rattle.

But then again, I don't think the rattle is doing damage-more pesky than anything else. But I could be wrong about this as well.

I'm sure that is wasn't supposed to do this new, so something somehow needs adjusting, but I've never been able to find it. Maybe somone over at the VCCA Chat can give a better answer.

If you find the answer, I would like to know as well!

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