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Before i have one made, does anyone out there have a wheel puller which fits 1922 - 1924 Kissel wood wheel huibs. The outside thread dimension appears to be 2 3/4 " at about 14 threads per inch. I am restoring a beautiful, original 1923 Kissel Brougham Opera Sedan which has a rear wheel that was possibly never dismounted. Any more pounding and I might hurt the axle or bearings!

You may call me at 313-510-8463.

See pictures


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Measured the needed wheel puller for a 1923 Kissel Model 6-55 Sedan with wood wheels. The size is an odd one

2 3/4 " x 14 or 2 3/4 " x 16

Does anyone out there have one to sell or borrow or rent ??

Call me please.

Ron Hausmann 313-510-8463


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Hi Ron,

Beautiful Kissel.

If know one responds with one to borrow the best guy to make one is George McMurtry. His phone number is 308-586-1930.

Great car guy and fantastic old time machinist.

He made a wheel puller for my '30 Buick model 47. It fit like a glove and looked like apiece of art.

Give him a call. Tell him I said hello.

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Thank you for the help. I spoke with George and am going to buy one for the car from him. He knows what he is doing for sure, and to buy one is only 1-2 times more than renting one which may or may not be exact. George uses the hub cap to model the wheel puller.

Thanks, -- RON --

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I had George McMurtry in the emails above make a wheel puller using a rare Kissel hubcap as a pattern. Price was reasonable and service was fast. This wheel puller worked magnificently and the wheel came off first try with a bit of pounding, after 87 years of being rusted on.

I highly recommend this person if you need a custom wheel puller.

Ron Hausmann

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