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Check this out:: 17-way seats!


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Power headrest! Actually, this was available on 1992-93 Cadillac Sixty Special Ultras (C-Body FWD Deville/Fleetwood dressed up with every option).

Always wanted to take one of these seats apart to see how it worked. I seem to recall that some also had a power cup holder in the center console, moved in and out like the drawer on a CD/DVD player. Not quite as cool as the touchscreen, but definitely in the over-the-top power accessory category.


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This is actually a fairly rare car based on the color combination. The dark grey exterior was the lowest production color all 4 years and most had grey interior. The burgundy interior with the dark grey is what makes it rare/low production color combination.

We don't have "official" production color breakdown exterior for 1989, but for 1988 there were 294 made of 4708 for 6%. Based on cars I have seen and database input, I would guess maybe 10% of the dark grey cars had burgundy interior which would equal roughly .6% of 1988 production and would be about the same for other years.

Where is Simpsonville?

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