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3-Way Ignition Switch '26 DB 6 volt

Guest DBAcadia

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Guest DBAcadia

Hi All,

As I finish my '26 Speedster I decided to try my 3-way ignition

switch which I recently purchased. After rewiring with good 10ga wire

I tried the starter. Turned starter. That's good. Problem (maybe) is

the starter would function with ignition switch in any of three positions.

I can't remember, is this normal as starter is wired before switch? Does

the ignition switch just switch to the coil and distributor for engine running

or does the switch normally defeat the starter too? If the starter is always

"live" should I install a battery cut-out to prevent battery drain or worse

yet accidental lurching into objects by careless starter button stomping

by kids,the uninitiated, or fools?

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Yes, the starter remains live. The ignition switch just isolates the coil. The starter switch contains a cutout which protects the battery from drainback when the generator is not charging. The main starter switch contacts isolate the starter from the battery.

Just be careful wher you put your feet!

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