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Bad news / Good news! Paint: No. Wheels: Yes


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I've been rather fired up lately about getting my '64 repainted. I had the money and the only thing stopping the process was me finishing what I needed to do in the trunk and getting all the new rubber ordered.

Now, something has come up and a good chunk of the money went *poof*. So, no repaint in the near future.

On the bright side, there is some money left. I've been looking for Cragar Starwires to put on her and have bid on some on eBay, called people from Craigslist, etc.

Today, I bought a set of 5 NOS unilug Starwires as a self-birthday treat. These babies are pristine new, no pitting, no rust, never been mounted, etc.

Four of them are 7" and one is 8". I don't need the 8" but they were sold as a set. I guess I'll have the 8" for an emergency spare.

Next step: Lugs, washers, and tires. Oh, and finishing the trunk when it's no so danged chilly out.


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Congrats on finding NOS Starwires. I know these are what you wanted all along. Use the 7s and keep your eyes open for a nice pair of 8s. Or even a nice single. Might pick up a single cheap if they only have one. I know paint is a chunk of cash to have together at once. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt.

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The embarrassing part is I was bidding on 4 individual 8s on eBay yesterday. I got beat out on all 4 and was considering bidding on the 2 best. Then I found the NOS ones.

The 8s still had about 40 minutes left on them. There was one that was really clean and the other 3 had various issues - pitting, rust, etc., but they weren't too bad. It didn't hit me until after the 8s sold that I should have grabbed one. 7s in front, 8s in back, a 7 for a spare. Perfect!

Maybe it was the fates making me wait for some reason. There's a Cruz Night every Tuesday here that I plan on hitting. The Good Fortune Fairy is going to hook me up with someone there that has an extra 8 lying around, right?

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