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77-78 Eldorado/Fleetwood hubcap color insert???


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I have a bunch of these. I think they are the color inserts for the 77-78 Cadillac Eldorado and/or Fleetwood wheel cover. I have various colors and they are NOS in the bags (pictured below). I would like to find out what their value is? And, if that's the make/models they are for? Part Nos.: 1#16118__ (last 2 digits are different depending on the color). Thanks.


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Guest Ictdm62
I have two that are a darker medium - #1611854; and two that are a lighter medium #1611865. Both are a metallic.

Thanks, Debbie

Just two? Can you show a picture of the lighter blue..what diameter are they and how much are you asking for them?

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Guest TomW471a

It's been awhile since you started this post, but do you have any orange ones?  The GM part number should be #1611843


You have a picture of a blue insert at the beginning of this post.




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