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Transmission conversion adapter


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As I said elsewhere I'd think the adaptor kit would be for the 288/327/359 series of engines because the Packard Ultramatic transmission didn't exist before those engines and I'd think the kit is designed to replace one type of automatic trans with another. That said, there is a possibility it could work but would be dependent on a number of factors the major ones being the bellhousing bolt pattern on the engine block and the crankshaft/flywheel bolt pattern as well as any offset/spacing issues with the flexplate when mounted. Others with greater familiarity on the differences, or for that matter similarities, between the 282 and 288/327/359 engines may be better able to advise. Whatever happens, it's a big project!

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I have a 1954 Packard  Pacific and it originally came with a 359 engine but a previous owner changed to a 327. I changed it back to a 359 only to realize that the starter  for a 359  Engine would not fit because I had a 327 bell housing. Does anyone know if the 327 fly wheel  Will work in a 359 bell housing?

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