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1st Riv Purchase

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I've had pretty good luck when encountering enlarged/cracked holes in plastic by using plastic drywall anchors. Clean up the hole, insert the drywall anchor into the hole and secure it with some super glue. You then have a good seat and you can usually use the OE sized screw.


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Did the same thing your doing with your '65 search. Luckily only lasted 4 months or so of serious searching.

Looks like I went though the same stuff your going though.I have a little better luck of being some what closer to canidates. :)

It is hard to be paitent when the nice weather comes and cars start crusing.

I did resolve the headlight problem with some new clips I found.

Got some repo tailight lenses, and a few more cosmetic upgrades for under the hood.

Getting NOS windshield put in now, still need to find some wiper blade inserts.

Found some blades to work for now, but like to get the stainless back on.

Need to get to Tom's for some wire wheelcovers, and a few other things.

Once I get the car back, I'll have to post some pic's.

Yes I know it's over due.

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