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Question about wooden spokes stripe color.

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Hello I am in the process of doing my wheels. I am stumped on the paint of the wood spokes.

I know that the wood spokes are natural wood with a stripe. When I got the car there were worn away body(blue) stripes. Now that I am doing the wheels over I am trying to find out what the correct color of the stripe is. I thought it was body blue, but there are two people telling me that the stripes should be red.

The attached document says that my model it is supposed to be blue stripe on the spokes. I am not sure if this is a Buick official document however.

I am trying to figure out what was original.

My model is 1927 27-50

Should the stripe on the wood spoke be red or body blue?

Thank you so much! I appreciate it greatly.



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Dear Ethan:

I recognize the document as an official Buick engineering instruction page. They were issued to the plant to establish what the standard way of doing something was. It is ABSOLUTE proof of correct color.

These documents are very rare, as the plant threw them away at the end of a year and Engineering issued them new ones for the next model year. How did you find it?

Regards, Dave Corbin

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