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Brake test question(s)


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I'd just had the system flushed by a shop. To ensure they understood the difference between a Teves and ordinary systems, I gave them a printout of the correct procedure as listed on reatta.net. Although I was not allowed in the shop area, the car was over the pit for over an hour, and they claimed to have used 4 cans of brake fluid, so I presumed the job was done right. The brakes felt fine on the way home, if anything, a bit better/more positive than before.

Once at home I ran the brake test, and right off I found the fluid level way too high: right up to the cap. Using a syringe I lowered the level to the prescribed level and proceeded with the test.

Here are my readings:

Test 1 - 10 (average 10)

Test 2 -14 (average 28)

(Fluid level was correct at this point)

Test 3 - 18 (average 32)

Test 4 - 30 (average 45)

At this point I stopped because I got a bit confused about the Turn on/start/off business. By this I mean, can I run Test 3 independently, or must they all be in sequence and in one stretch?

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