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For Sale: 1957 Skyliner

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This is also posted in the General AACA For Sale Forum, but I thought you guys might be interested here.

For sale is a 1957 Ford Skyliner. A bit of a project, but great potential.

Engine runs, trans shifts, brakes work...but I would not say it's road worthy. Has been in storage for quite a while so it runs from an "outside" gas tank. Engine is a 272 with an automatic.

Body work was done by an amature-amature. "He still needs some practice to become an amature body man." (LOL) The car was originally Red, but the amature wanted to show off his talent and painted the car black.

The floors have been repaired, but there are some spots in the trunk that need work. (Looks like the floors were done by the same guy that did the bodywork.)

The interior parts are quite good. The seats are a little dirty, but no rips. They must have been redone.

Front bumper has been rechromed already! Just needs to be put on. I might get to it. Rear bumper not bad. I think I found all of the trim and will start putting it on, but I'm hoping to have it sold before I'm finished. (the picture shows some of the trim, but there is more)

Asking $8,500. Car is located in the Phildadelphia burbs. (North Whales PA)

Take a look at the pictures. Email me questions, or your phone number for more info.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->




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