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I am restoring a 1913 overland and the parking brake pads look to be 2-1/4 wide and the inner pads are 2 inch wide. I can buy woven with metallic thread strips from McMaster-Carr for about $8 /ft, and I found a guy on this forum that has NOS similar material.

Any recommendations re: new vs old?

I can also buy the copper rivets to install them from MC

The other question is the thickness, the old ones were so grease soaked and messed up, I could not tell if they are 3/16 or 1/4 thick, ...anybody tell me?

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Guest sfbeatle1

Yo Tom,

It's Tony G from LOng island- we spoke about 2 months ago on your rstoration- how's it going ???!! Re: 1914 Overland speedster

Can anyone out there help out with the correct thread size for the grease cups on my 1914 Overland??

The manual says 5/16 -32 thread- does this still exist today for a replacement or special order from some resource?

Can't find a grease fitting or grease cup anywhere that size. I'm confused by actual thread size and pipe thread-


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