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White Select 60 Wheel needed


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A white wheel will be a tall order indeed. Even the standard ones aren't that common. While most online wheel vendors show them in the catalog, try to order and you'll usually get a message that none are in stock and that they couldn't locate any.

This is a large part of the reason I got the chrome wheels on my car. I couldn't find refinished stock wheels anywhere, and didn't want the car on blocks while I had all four wheels removed to send out for a refinish.

I suggest the usual suspects, check with Jim Finn, Steve "Skyhawk" Scott or with the Reatta salvage yard out west (name escapes me now, just changed hands I think) to at least find a silver one to redo.


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Try Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market There are three in your state alone. They can also be shipped UPS very reasonably as well. If they don't come white you can have them painted as Marck suggested...

1991 Wheel Buick Reatta



Triple B Automotive Salvage LLC USA-MS(Meridian) Request Quote 601-483-2231 / 800-748-8795 Request Insurance Quote

Looks like they've got 3. Might be worth a call to see if they'd ship it. All 3 say that the clear is peeling.

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Probably need to plan on refinishing regardless. Since these are all 20 year old wheels (unless you get unusually lucky and find a refinished one in stock somewhere) I know I would probably want it redone since there will probably be at least some corrosion on the inner lip, causing potential bead sealing issues on a used rim that age.

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I had 4 grey '91 wheels refirbished and painted white. They painted the hub caps at the same time. It cost slightly over $100 each. This was done just before the Plano National, 2007? Still look great........I did need to do the black stripe myself.

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