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34 Chevy wiring harness


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The original wiring in our 34 chevy master sedan has frayed to the point that the headlights short out and blow the fuse. The overall condition is pretty poor for the rest of the harness as well and I need to replace some if not all of the wires. Two Questions: Who do you recommend for wiring harnesses and how do I remove the plugs for the headlights, they appear to be soldered in place. Do I just melt the solder balls at the male end of the plug or does that plug come apart in some way?

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I've had good experiences with YnZ's and Harnesses Unlimited. I've heard others have had good experiences with Rhode Island Wiring.

YnZ's Yesterdays Parts | Auto Wiring Harness | (909)798-1498


Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc.

Not sure about your question on removing the terminators on the plugs your headlight cables.

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Guest 36chev

As for fixing the headlight plugs, what I did was to cut the wire several inches back from where it goes into the receptacle and slip some heat shrink tubing up over the bare wires into the receptacle. It was necessary to clean off remains of old insulation and use tubing not much bigger in diameter than the wire so that the tubing would go up through the bakelite insulator. Shrunk it on using a match, then put a slightly bigger piece on and shrunk it on for added insulation. Then spliced the tubing-covered wire sticking out of the receptacle onto new wire for the headlight. This I'm sure is not the best method, but the lights are still working--been a good number of years.

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