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1936 pierce arrow uk

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Hi guys could any one of you tell me if you think $14595 is a good price to pay for a part restored 1936 pierce arrow 1601 enclosed limousine.It has had the engine and gearbox reconditioned, bodywork panels repaired and repainted ,new white walls .side glass is missing and rear glass also ,it needs full interior refurbishment and a full rewire..the guy says 98 percent of the parts are with the car but cant say what's missing.also how easy are parts available for this car,I own a 1936 Buick limo parts are easy to source. i feel it will make a good project but being here in the uk i am a bit apprehensive because of the parts situation.what would be an approx value also if it was finished to a reasonable standard .

regards Steve

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The later Pierce sedans seem to sell in the 30 to 40K range when they're nice, not sure a limo is that much more valuable. They'll bring a shade more if really perfect, or if a V12.

Figure 10K or more to do the interior.

There are parts available, not always very inexpensive. Depends on what's missing.

If you want a car to drive, you won't find a better engineered car from the time period. Straigt eight with plenty of power, automatic overdrive, a joy to drive......

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