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Packard 900 coupe

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I am the owner of a Packard 900 coupe/conv.

18 years ago I bought this car in California,USA.

The car is in The Netherland,Europe

The only missing parts are the topconstrution,bows and hinges.

Who can make this,or have that from a partscar?:confused:

The rearwindow is still there.

Henk Duijs

The Netherlands

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lol, couldn't read the above other than my name but YES we can provide you with everything you need in the nature of top irons and bows for your 900. Exact duplicate of original. Can you send pics so I can determine exactly what you are missing? Jeff Hammers/Penn-Dutch Restorations PennDutchRestore@aol.com Thank you Johan for the translation service!

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