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Have a lot of hubcaps - what do you need?

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if you come across a 33 34 dodge coupe in your search let me know......Thanks...

O.K.....it may be a long wait, though because you are about #4,857 on the list of people who asked me to find them one.

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Guest mikeburch

keiser31 ........................

Congatulations on your collection !

I have as much, but just recently, decided to cut down.

Good luck !


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[ATTACH=CONFIG]267306[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]267308[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]267307[/ATTACH]these are the hubcaps im after for my 1938 dodge sedan or some one may know where I can purchess

Would like to purchess ons like this dose anone out there have any.....John

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