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Please ID the coachbuilder.


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I found on the Net (ebay, axishistory.com) photos of very unusual '38 Buicks, 4-window convertibles with "continental" spare wheel, that used by the nazis in WW2. I also found photo of another convertible, with "arms" on sides of top.

Sorry my bad english.






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Guest my3buicks

The one with the sweep may be Brunn. While the one pictured may be an exagerated version, Brunn did do that syle spear shown on the first car and a couple of the other ones.


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Hello all,

to my knowledge Nordberg did not produce any convertibles based on the Special chassi, which I think this is. They used Roadmaster chassis and all had landau bars. The last photo is of another car than the previous ones, might be a Gläser body as they also used to have landau bars. It looks as if there is an outside luggage trunk behind the rear window. Gläser did some cars with a vertical rear wall right down from the rear window and ending lengtwise in the the middle of the rear fenders. In the space from the wall to the bumper there was a possibility to place a trunk. The car looked ok with a trunk but looked a little odd without.

The other car might be a danish body maker, I have tried to find the name but failed. From what I remember their cars did have the very typical side moulding running from behind the door and backwards.


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