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I have here for your dining and dancing pleasure, a buick 401 out of a '65 wildcat. The fellow who said he wanted it originaly hasn't returned any emails. It's pulled from the car. It has I think 68k? maybe 69k. The engine runs well. At least it did before I took it out. The power steering pump pulley is shot, but I figure you can get one of those just about anywhere. The a/c compressor works (although out of a 66 electra). I'll throw in the rest of the system (i.e. condesnor, blower, tubing) for another 150. I'm pretty sure there aren't any leaks in it. Again, this was before everything was pulled. No knock, pings, etc. from the motor. It's great. Oh yeah. The engine fan is in fact from the same electra from which I took the a/c. And the fan clutch is new. (the stock fan didn't fit on any of the fan clutches I had). I can throw in the orginal fan for free if you'd like it. Right now it's just one of the many decorations on my apartment wall. The engine is in OHio. If you want it shipped, you'll need to cover the cost. Thanks very much.

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Alright. I just posted in the forum. Not on here. I am a complete moron. If you didn't read that post, 450 obo for the engine. and you can reach me at laveck @uakron.edu

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