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59 Dodge Sierra Wagon

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I bought this car a year or so ago and have done some work on it. I have found something else that I think I need so have decided to offer it here.

It has the 361 2bbl engine, good tires and ok brakes. (may need a drum turned)

I have replaced all of the window channels and adjusted all of the doors including the tail gate. (it rolls up and down and opens and closes better than new).

All gauges work as do all lights, (one turn signal is finicky)

After market radio and some spare stuff in the rear trunk, Does not have the rear facing seat.

I am asking $7000, It should drive about anywhere, however it acts like it needs the driveline balanced.

It has not been started since last summer, so may need the battery charged up, so if someone is coming to take a look I will have to get it out of the warehouse and tend to that.

There is very little rust on this car however it is not rust free. What you see in the pics is the paint faded thru, not rust.

Located in NW Oregon.

Feel free to give me a call with questions. And I have a few more fotos if you want them. (some trades may be considered but as I stated earlier I am lookng at something else.).




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Its is for sale as well Marty.

Has a running Lycoming V-12 in it. However it is finicky and a smoker. (kinda like my ex) However the brakes work unlike the ex.

I last drove it a month or so ago, The only things that I have done to it after 25 years being parked were points and new upholstry.

Drop me an email if you want the photo file. Give me a call if you want to talk. Mornings are best.

Regards, JACK



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