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Speedo & other items to ID


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This is a unique speedometer unit that somehow got boxed in a mixed lot of items that I found over the weekend. It is a Stewart Warner but I sold all my SW stuff and the SW books, so I have no way of looking any of the info up for it. Can someone out there help me identify which vehicles this goes to and what year it would be installed in? It hasn't been cleaned up so I apologize for how filthy it is but I wanted to hurry and get a pic out here of it.

The P/N's on it are:SW 565-CJ and there is also, on the case, a Ford script logo and the part number FDA-17313A.

The second item is a chrome piece that is P/N: 3109920-RH, There was a piece of tape on it that said Nash and that was it.

The third item is this fuel cap and I could swear I have seen this ID'd on here before but I couldn't find the thread, so here is the pic.

The fourth item is this gorgeous Mercury Eight emblem I found but I haven't been able to find what years this was installed on. I'd sure like to know the vehicles and years that these items apply to.

All these (and a bunch more!) were also in the box of "Lucky Charms" that has had me searching with little reward. Any help is appreciated!!


Docs Gal











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As usual, you guys ROCK! You nailed EVERY one of them! Thanks a MILLION! That Mercury sure is a pretty piece of work! I just love the older emblems. The art deco look has always been a classy look to me. Any idea as to value on any of these parts, or rarity? I guess if anyone is interested they can PM me and I will research them more to get prices and will offer them here. Thanks again guys!


Docs Gal

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