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Okay-I'm going to try to save some posts here and list several items here that I have been saving up in my "I'm stumped" pile so maybe you all can help me get rid of these headaches.

#1- Decal looks like it says Dura-Bilt ignition Coil

#2-The Decal on this one is almost gone but the last part of it says Spark in red ink.

#3-Walker Oil Filter Replacement Cartridge-RC-24. There is a piece of tape that says Hudson but I don't know if that is correct and if so, what year that applies to or if it also applies to other vehicles/years.

#4-Wix Oil Filter-PC-50P

If anyone has info on these items I sure would appreciate it!



Docs Gal











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The Wix filter PC-50P is listed in the catalog with a new number 51050. The apps are American Motors flat head sixs and Jeep four cylinders with a great many industrial apps.

The Walker RC24 filter maybe a Hudson '48 - '54 six filter like a Wix 51010 or Fram C3P. The dimensions of this filter are Height: 4'375", Outer Diameter: 3.718" and Inner Diameter: 0.550".

The coils look like universal replacement coils and have no specific app. Probably six volt.

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Thanks a million, Commodore! That helps. Don't even know if anyone wants these old filters because new ones are available but the WIX one is a good shelf display or conversation piece. If anyone is interested in the coils send me a PM.

Thanks again!


Docs Gal

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