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TRUNK latch NOT latching '90 Conv.


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'90 convertible - trunk not latching/catching. (I did a search forum, but didn't find same trouble).

Don't have/use keyless, rear key makes tiny hum-click (might be my imagination, noise outside and all), but since no latching, no releasing. Glove box button MIGHT do same thing (??) , possibly imagining (as above), but not sure.

(so key and button do nothing,but lid won't latch, so really nothing TO do).

I THINK I had this happen last Summer (only season I drive it) and if I'm right,

I closed it a few times and it came back to life.

Gas door DOES open with glove box button, so not related ?...?.......

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I read your other post about you having water on the floor. There is a channel under the passenger seat that holds numerous wires. As we all know your trunk latch is electrical. I would check the connections of those wires under your passenger seat

This would mean removal of the seat as well as the carpeting....

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There's (what we call in the music biz a "snake") a bundle of wires with a multi fastener under the seat (looks fine). But now the tonneau cover won't unlatch (I CAN hear it click, but won't lift)!!!!!!! I guess I'll need to investigate connections/shorts, and or fuses. It's a true "cluster XDDXFH" !!!!

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He said "trunk not latching/catching". The latch has nothing to do with electrics that is UNlatching & this sounds mechanical. Does it go "clunk" and just stop without latching or going competely down ?

Might try pulling the orange lever down and see if it releases.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Robert, don't forget that there is an interlock between the tonneau and the trunk lid so they both can't be open at the same time.

Concentrate on the trunk for now and when fixed you probably will not have any problem with the tonneau working.

I'm with Padgett that you have a mechanical issue with the trunk latch. May be broken, stuck in the wrong position or misaligned.

Does the lid close all the way flush and just not grab, or does the lid not seat all the way down into the latch like it should?

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