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Help? What is this car?

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I see what you mean re the radiator 'ghost' but I cannot find any Mercer's that look quite like this? Or Overlands? I am awaitng some motor pics I hope which might give some more ideas...but I really sm stuck as to what this is.

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The radiator shell ghost does resemble the Crow-Elkhart. They also had the transaxle with 3/4 elliptical springs. I have a 1916 Crow-Elkhart and the radiator shape is entirely different.

Jim Showers

1915 Madison

1916 Crow-Elkhart

1921 Stanley

1941 Packard 120

1947 Packard Clipper

1953 Packard Cavalier

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Looks to me like someone was trying to piece together the remnants of a wreck. There is no engine, no radiator to firewall rod, the first photo shows damage from being hit on the left side (body is shifted to the right about 4 inches or more), the rear end does not have brake rods attached, just to name a few. Might be an early attempt to build a speedster, who knows. Just an opinion.

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I purchased a basket case 1913-1914 Maxwell model 35-4 last fall. This car looks the same as mine. My radiator is a bucket fill made by Brisco, it has a weston Mott transaxle rear with 14 inch external brakes, a Covert transmission and the rear frame member has the exact same bolt holes for three large brakets to mount spare tire and two holes for the rear tail light. The radiator emblem is a shield style, red white and blue, that says Maxwell Motors Detroit Michigan. This model was made in the Stoddard Dayton plant in Dayton Ohio.

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