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1930 Plymouth Roadster Side Curtains

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I'm looking to buy a set of side curtains for a 1930 Plymouth Model 30U Sport Roadster. ...Or I would be interested in patterns, blue prints, or whatever, as I'm guessing these aren't too easy to find. Thanks.

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Thanks for your reply, but I'm speaking of the fabric and glass side curtains that snap into place from the windshield, fabric top, and door. These are the pieces that go where the door glass would normally be, but the Roadster does not have door glass. Guess I should have been more specific. Thanks again for the reply!

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Hi-I restored a 30 Desoto CK roadster years ago and had my upholsterer make new side curtains (there are 2 separate curtains on each side plus a 5/16" steel rod which carries the door curtain at the back of the door)). Give me an e-mail for some information on these curtains) My car is an AACA Senior car. Plymouth and Desoto shared a body in 1930.

To our pleasant surprise, the curtains kept out the rains very nicely on a number of Glidden Tours. I'm located less than 2 hrs N of you in PA.

Martin Lum


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