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1929 - Complete engine,jugs,fuel pump,generators,starters,air dome ,engine tin,oiler,transmission,axles,owners manual , bumper bars and center clamps,hand crank more...........

1930-engines,jugs,heads,transmission,axles,lighters,spare tire hardware,lights,bumpers ,doors,snap rings,chrome goodies,wheel studs,hubcaps,engine slash pans,trunk rack,original gas cap-(RARE ITEM),door handles,tall distributors,shocks,manifolds,hood,crank hole covers,smoke vanities,dome lights,coils ,springs,owners manuals,hand crank,running board brackets,drive shafts bell housings -3 speeds and Detroit 4 speeds,front fender brackets,window cranks,lighters,dash,winter front thermostat and brackets, and more ask......

1932 Bumpers and bumper backer bars,running boards -new and one original set,startix,some springs,insert bearings NOS,transmission,free wheeling unit,fenders-front and rears.hood,steering column,lights,hand crank,tall distributors,fan and tin,hood hold downs, valve oilers,and more ask.....

MISC. 1919 crankcase with crank and cam,1912 prop shaft with carrier bearing,Franklin script plugs,grease gun,jacks,some tools,misc early Air Cooled News and later ones,jugs,flywheels,clutches,front end and brake parts,hubcaps,


Email your needs to mwest729@aol.com

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Hello Mike

This is Wendy and I wanted to let you know we SOLD the 1930 Franklin Car and it will be picked up this afternoon. Thanks for your help and for letting me use one of your pictures. Take Care! Wendy & Jerry

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