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Custom Lighted Acrylic Signs from a photo of your Car!

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Valley View Designs in Bismarck, North Dakota.post-74177-143138477689_thumb.jpg

- What we do -

We create custom lighted acrylic signs made from a unique artistic rendition of your classic car or truck, hot rod, muscle car, antique vehicle, logo, or graphic. Choose from several sizes, with lights in single colors, multi colors, super bright light strips, color changing, or even color changing with remote control! Our lighted signs will look great in your home, business, or office, and will get you noticed at car shows, and trade shows! We can create custom lighted plaques using your car club's logo or even create custom trophies for racing groups using a photograph of the winner's car! Discounts are available for multiple copies, or duplicates where only the text needs to be changed.

- How we do it -

You provide us with a photograph or digital image of your

Hot rod, Muscle car, Classic car, Antique car, Snowmobile, Jet ski, Quad runner, Boat,

Airplane, Tractor, Motorcycle, Business logo, Building, Helicopter, Battleship, Submarine,

Semi Truck, Hovercraft, Tank, Space shuttle, or what ever you may have.

- What happens then? -

One of our "Signtists" will create an artistic rendition of your image.

When it is complete, a computer generated preview image will be sent to your e-mail for you to look over.

Once you approve your design, your custom signs will be created, and shipped directly to you.

- Custom vehicles -

Many older and exotic vehicles have virtually no memorabilia, collectibles, or souvenirs available. We can help you create a one of a kind, personalized design from a photo of your vehicle, and we let you be part of the design process. Not only is your design custom made by our artists, but since we work directly from a photograph of your vehicle, we can include any custom work you may have done. Any modifications you have made to the exterior of the vehicle will show up in the finished product.

We can also add personalized text below the vehicle, such as the vehicle make and model, the owners names, engine size, horse power, production numbers, or anything else you'd like to say. If you don't have a photograph or digital image of your car, we can usually find one for you.

For more information please visit us


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