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Large Pegboard Hooks for Shop Tool Board

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I have 24 large pegboard holders for sale as a group. These are great for use in your shop, hanging odd tools and supplies, or adding small shelves on pegboard:

--Seven hooks for 1/4" hole pegboard: Four 12" long, one 9" long, and two 6" long

--Nine holders for the smaller hole pegboard: 7-5/8" long, fits into two holes and has a closed loop at the end

--Eight holders for the smaller hole pegboard: 6-5/8" long, fits into two holes and has two open hooks at the end

If you've ever priced these long pegboard holders at the store, you've seen they can cost up to $1.00 each. The price is just $7.00 for all 24 holders I have, plus $5.00 shipping anywhere in the U.S. Thanks for looking. John





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