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wtb for 66 Skylark GS / 65 Conv Skylark


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I want to buy for my 1966 GS Skylark the Stainless Steel Trim around all of the wheel wells..........good clean used w/o dents are what I would like, but don't want to pay the NOS/Reproduction prices. I also want to buy the drivers side glass tinted for a 1965 Skylark convertible, appears to be the same as a 2-dr hardtop. Measures 15" tall, 29.5" wide at the top and 30." wide at the bottom the glass is curved. AND for the 65 the glove box emblem, I guess it says skylark, don't know since there is one on there to see. Paul. Post your reply or e-mail me carbuff1234@yahoo.com

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