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My convertible leaks HELP!


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I had this happen a while back, and now....again. Appears to be from cowl (??) somewhere, and "pools" under passenger seat. I don't drive it until June, so I didn't notice until today (great, eh?) ANY thoughts appreciated.

I AM in RAIN central (Oregon) but it didn't leak through Feb! We did have a downpoor the other day, so I assume that's when it started again.

The guy that remedied the situation before has moved away, so..... I'm not sure what to do (other than sop it up,. dry it out, and cover the alledged area).

IF you have an answer, please lemme know. THANKS!

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There are several possibilities. some Reattas have problems with the windows going all the way up (bad adjustment), there are several places on the convertible that can leak especally if you park on a slant.

One place to always check...... the scupper drain.

Raise the tonneau and you will see a metal flange attached to the front side of the rear wheelwell. The scupper drains to the front of the wheel and if it is plugged, the water will normally run into the passanger compartment.

Also notice the gasket that goes around the back of the tonneau, it has a center recess allowing water that goes between the trunk lid and the back of the tonneau to drain into the center of the gasket. On each end of the gasket there is a drain that goes down to the same drain hole that the scupper uses. Again make certain that drain is clear.

Associated with the damp carpet is the problem with ground failures within the electrical system. On cars that are continually damp, the splices within the wiring bundle will rust (they are steel) If the rust progresses to the point of weaking the splice, you will loose electrical functions. Things like the dome and courtesy lights then more serious problems.

Find the leak and then keep an eye open for electrical failures.

Let us know what you find.

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At this point.....(thanks Barney and Padgett) I believe the UNFASTENED drain tube/hose on Toneau cover "gutter/resevoir was to blame! DUH........

NO rain now so wicking up more water (about 20 bath towels so far), running with heat full up and windows down a bit, and using a small space heater for "spot" dryng...... HOPING Lysol will keep it from molding. I know rust is an issue, and will look into that when weather clears up here (my Garage is full of... uh..stuff. -------- THANKS MUCH for the help -----------

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Oh yeah, since water was "wicking" up under dash, and puddling in front of passenger seat (and POOLING behind), I ASSUMED (do you know the ASS outa ME part of the joke??) it was "draining" from under the dash. NO BEHIND under Ton cvr!!!!!!

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