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'27 Sedan becomes Speedster

Guest DBAcadia

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Guest DBAcadia

O.K. I know we're not to put the knife to these things. I bought what was

labeled a '26 Sedan as a parts car. Turned out it was only covered in 1/4"

of dust, no roof, interior, or windows, and is a'27 model ( advance down

through steering). Removed doors and body, preserving windshield,cowl,

and seat bucket. Used cowl from doodlebug tractor and rear fenders that

were incorrect for '21 truck they came with but correct for 116" frame.

Here's what I made. Notice rear window metal is now soda (beer) cooler.

More pics available.


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Guest DBAcadia

Well this is too secret. I know Vern from Hershey and probably some of you else. I've been collecting DB stuff since I bought one 4 years ago after my best friend was killed on a motorcycle in front of me. Here on Mount Desert Island

we have Acadia National Park which is very popular with a 23 mile motor road

loop posted 35 mph. That's what started me in nickel cars. I invite you all to

come at any time .

I am also involved with the Seal Cove Auto Museum,

located here on Mount Desert Island in Seal Cove, which is the remainder

of the collection of the late Richard C. Paine Jr. and is possibly the premier

brass era car collection world wide. We are currently showing the only

known existing 1915 FRP at Amelia this weekend. Please check their website

for updates this weekend.

Thanks for the tech tips on my behalf, and if

you'd like to join the Seal Cove Auto Museum google them and join us.

Tommy A.


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Guest DBAcadia

Very well, Vern. Had planned on driving to Amelia for the Concours but I think we've

decided one days drive is enough for us. Sorry I missed you at Hershey, we'll try and

draft more helpers so we can leave our booth more. This was rainy,windy Wednesday.


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