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36 P2: Small list of questions


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1) Looking for "proper" wiring repair procedures so small repair to accessory heater wiring can look period correct. Links or appropriate manual? There's nothign in my Plymouth repair manual but it covers multiple years and it's a bit generic regarding the older models.

2) Looking for proper channel filler for movable 1/4 glass. So far I haven't been able to separate glass from channel to get better idea of what original channel looks like. Looks like Steele Rubber 70-1191-52 might be the right stuff. Can anyone confirm?

3) Windshield wiper knobs... what are they supposed to look like? Are there replacements out there somewhere? Mine have deformed into strange globs of hardened goo.

4) My repair manual covers cars from 34 to somewhere in the mid '40s. It looks like an original Plymouth manual but as I mentioned, it's a bit generic with the older models. Can someone recommend a good source for a reasonably priced paper manual for the '36?

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Proper wire repair method of the thirties involves soldering the wires together and wrapping with friction tape. Friction tape is a black cloth tape soaked in a rubbery substance. It is available where electrician's supplies are sold such as Home Depot, hardware stores etc. Shrink tubing is better if you are not so concerned about authenticity.

Here is an illustration of a typical solder repair of a wire

Master a perfect inline wire splice everytime

Here it is in more detail. The Western Union splice is the one you will use most often.

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Guest pyrodork

i got a reprint of the service manual and owners manual for my 37 off of ebay. the service manual was $24 plus shipping, and the owners manual was $12. pretty reasonable prices, good quality, and you don't have to worry about messing up a vintage book. not sure what they have for the 36, but i think they've got most publications. seller's ID is "faxbook".

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