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Noise issue with Top or Tonneau (with photos)


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Looking for advice identifying where a constant squeaking noise (from behind the passenger's seat) is coming from.

When I drive the car with the top up, there is a constant squeaking noise that increases as time goes on. It sounds like thick plastic rubbing against each other. The noise gets extremely loud when I accelerate from a stop (inertia?) and then stays constant.

First I thought the bottom of the top (where there is a seven inch strip of plastic) was rubbing against the tonneau. But per "Photo B", there is a 1/2 - 1" gap between the tonneau and the top (a separate or related issue???). But looking at how the pin sits compared to how the pin sits in Photo A that's behind the driver's side, I'm thinking maybe what is making noise is the pin in Photo B (pin not secure in the latch???). But...both pins do lock securely in the tonneau.



Then another thought came to mind. In Photo D (behind the passenger's seat where the noise is coming from), there is a part of the latch that is not present in Photo E (which is behind the driver's seat). Can this part be the reason for the noise? Or could the noise originate with how the pin size in Photo G vs Photo F (Pin looks smaller in Photo G then in Photo F).





If I haven't yet made you as confused as a Charlie Sheen rant, I'd appreciate any suggestions with identifying the cause of the noise or a possible fix.


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Photo B is not as clear as photo A but it appears that "B" is out of the tonneau further than "A". This could mean "B" is not latched or is out of adjustment.

Assuming the latches under the tonneau are in alignment and mounted solidly, you should have about the same number of threads showing on both pin "A" & "B"

When it comes to the tonneau latch, that could somehow be out of adjustment side to side assuming it latched and does not have a gap.

You should start by raising the tonneau and inspecting the two latches for the pins. Also it probably would not hurt to lube them and check for free operation and make certain the unlatch at the same time when the lever is pulled. Once you inspect those then check the pins. You might need to crawl into the trunk and look from the underside to see if both pins are centered in the latches and that nothing is bending or deflecting when the pins enter the latch holes. You could also look at the tonneau latch when you are in the trunk.

The factory instructions tell you to latch the front of the top first then firmly push the back of the top down to latch the rear. I have never liked that method and I latch the back first then the front (one side at a time)

Let us know what you find.

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Agree, passenger pin is screwed too far out. Rubber should be touching the tonneau.

Also I always unlatch the front first and latch it last. Front is the only place that has screw tightening.

On my white car I was constantly having the rear pop up when hitting a bump until I loosened the #4 bow adjustment (rear bar that touches tonneau is #5). Now is fine.

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Thank you all for your advice.

Anyone think that extra part in Photo D is an issue? Should that part also be in Photo E?

Also, in regards to the pin on the passenger's side being too far out, is the adjustment done in the top or at the tonneau (when/where it latches)?

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Are two adjustments: pins on 5th bow are to hold the rubber seal against the tonneau and 4th bow adjustment in the top well is for the top tension.

BTW I believe that "extra part" is the tonneau/trunk lid interlock switch that tells the relay that the tonneau is down (secondary relay center is on passenger side). Looks and acts the same as the switch on the trunk lid.

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In another post, Jim Finn ask about the bow #5 (rear) pins. My 1993 parts book indicates that 3635162 is the number for the 1990 (manual) pin. 3635166 is the number for the screw pin used on the 1991.

I cannot find in the parts book the numbers for the latch under the tonneau.

there would be the 1990 manual latch and the 1991 electric latch, if they are in the parts book I have not been able to find the section that has the exploded view.

Anyone know the part numbers?

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