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Research Links Lost-need help


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I have been away from the forums for a while due to medical reasons and have recently started researching small parts in my inventory again. A lot of my old links are now obsolete. Seems like several of them have either not renewed their domain names or some such reason. Anyway-the parts are not super expensive parts, but it is important that they be classified to the right vehicle and year because they are the letters and emblems that go on the vehicles. I have all sizes and all makes and models of them. I have been working on Fords and Chevy's lately but was just wondering if anyone had any good links or resources that might help me identify some of these a little quicker?

I sure would appreciate any help I could get. That Ford site was great because all you had to do was plug in the part number and 80% of the time there was a listing for the part and an estimate on the price. If anyone is interested in odd letters I have quite a bit and will be posting them in the For Sale section very soon.



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