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VIN location 1957 Cad Eldorado Brougham ,Preparing FOR SALE

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Guest South_paw

There is no VIN per say. Back then they used Engine serial numbers. This number was stamped on the block and chassis. Here you go,


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Thank you , South Paw ,

That was so fast , love this site !

I'm embarking on an exciting venture for an old friend . A man of means , he started a restoration project over twenty years ago . Living in MA and having this car restored in CA just didn't work out and after disassembly , quality paint job and complete engine rebuild the restore came to an abrupt halt . It has been in dry secure storage in So . CA since 1992 and working as his friend and agent will offer it for sale in the next week or two .

The usual issues have to be sorted out (where the heck is that title , clean-up , and inventory of parts ) and then off to the highest bidder .

Although many thousands were spent to this point and storage also amounts to nearly $40,000 for 18 years , reality prevails and someone is going to make out very , very well .

I would encourage anyone interested in these particular automobiles to contact me in advance and I will work with you directly .

It will be offred to the public as soon as the above mentioned details are worked out .

Thank you ,

Carl A . Chiaretto carlchiaretto@msn.com

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