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1935 Chrysler Air Stream Convertible

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I'm looking for info on a car that my dad owned 30 years ago. It's a 1935 Chrysler Air Stream convertible coupe, with a rumble seat. The story i remember about it is that it was reportedly 1 of 8 factory prototypes that was sold without factory approval. I'm not sure how true that really is, but the car was supposed to be extremely rare. Anyway, it was a maroon color, with tan top and dark saddle color interior. Beautiful driving car, very nice looking. I'm looking for photos to post of it as a reference, just can't find any just yet. Any leads are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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They are indeed rare.

One was posted on Ebay maybe six months ago . The car(located in Seattle) was much altered from stock and .as I recall didn't make it's hefty reserve price.

There is one member in the WPC who has a beautiful dark blue 35 ragtop and you can find him if you search the WPC roster.


Mark (35 Airstream C6 RS Coupe)

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