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3M Pink Fill 'N Glaze. Gallon. Discontinued

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If you've been messing with old cars for awhile and are a little bit older yourself, here's a product that you probably remember. If you're like some guys, you may also wish 3M would never have discontinued this excellent glaze and polish.

I have a gallon of 3M Fill 'N Glaze for sale. The product is 3M part #5976, and is known by its pink color. It came from the basement of a relative's house. He enjoyed working on cars over the years. It is full (or very close to full).

This pink Fill 'N Glaze is perfect for keeping any older enamel or lacquer paint job looking good. It fills minor swirls and scratches, while adding a great lustre to the paint. As I mentioned, this item has been discontinued by 3M, and is no longer on the shelves of 3M distributors and retailers. The product in the can is in good shape, with a smooth consistency and no separation. It is priced at $40, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. John<!-- START CLTAGS -->


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