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Odd starter

Dave Mellor NJ

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I have this strange looking starter. It has two levers tied through a rod to the pedal,apparently to actuate something else when a start is attempted.The only markings are"MAW 4009 7??? 16137" on a plate and "PS 1090" imprinted into the nose. Sadly, the armature is gone but somebody might be looking for what's there. Call 856-287-0826.




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It's not actually two levers. It's more of a lever and a pivot setup, in simple terms. They work together. The longer rod connects to the shorter and pivots on that. It almost appears as though it can be manually started by hand with a hand lever or pushed with the foot start. If you go to my website you can see one fully restored for a 1937 Plymouth. Advanced Electrical Rebuilders - Antique Auto - Marine - Agricultural - Industrial

Go to the bottom of the page and you will see it.


Advanced Electrical Rebuilders


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