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55 & 56 glass gaskets

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If anyone cares I've been working with Restoration Specialties to prototype windshield and rear window gaskets with formed corners for the 55 & 56 Chrysler/DeSoto. They should now be available. The fit is good and the only fly in the ointment is the locking strip on the rear window gasket doesn't lock very well but it's no problem to super glue it closed.......Bob

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Restoration Specialities, Windber,PA. 814-467-5323. Or just google them. The gaskets are not in thier catalog. The gaskets we prototyped are for a New Yorker. I can't say if they are correct for a 300. If your rear glass is trimmed on the interior with a chrome garnish molding I would say it is correct. If not Steele has the correct rear gasket that self trims with a rubber "flange" on the interior. The W/S gasket should be OK. Steele does not have a W/S. Restoration Specialties also prototyped a convert. gasket. I have no idea of the price. If you need more info call me @ 570-386-5104. BTW I have no financial interest whatever in this. Just trying to help...........Bob

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