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Padgett may have posted this in the last few months, but I stumbled on it today. The link get you started on Buicks and you select the year and go from there. You can go to the home page and get other makes, I could not make the vin search work on two Reatta numbers I tried.

Buick Car parts for your Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Light Truck, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and more!

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It is really a fun resource. Lots of useful information.

Agree with Padgett - pre-1990 data seems very sparse. There are some '88 and '89 cars in the database. (227 and 103 respectively.) But I haven't hit a valid VIN for either year yet. (I've tried early VINs, late VINs, random ones, etc.)

It is also interesting that the Reatta production numbers (speaking 1990 and 1991 here) are different than those in the wikipedia article and in other numbers I've seen published. CompNine shows 8429 for 1990 and 1313 for 1991, whereas wikipedia claims 8515 and 1519. It is possible that CompNine is missing some VINs. But the wikipedia article does not state its source. So my *feeling* is that the CompNine numbers are more accurate.

Same with convertibles. CompNine claims 2166 and 293, whereas wikipedia claims 2132 and 305.

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That is a very interesting site.

I put in the vin for my '90 S 60 and spent way too much time looking at codes.

I then put in the vin for my '88 S60 and didn't come up with anything.

What I was sort of looking for but didn't see it was a code for the special S 60 hood emblems. This tells me they were an '88 item and not a '90 item.


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