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Most likely you'll need to ship LTL (Light Truck Lines) It should be put in a full crate/box going that far with provision for a forklift or pallet jack to move it. The smaller shippping container you can make the less it will cost.

If it can't go Greyhound, there just isn't an inexpensive way that I am aware of. If you research various LTL options and get quotes online you can probably get it shipped for $250 +/- $50 but thats a guesstimate. I'm not a shipping specialist.

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Actually LTL stands for Less Than Truck Load. The rate will be dependent on the item being shipped as well as the size and weight. There are different rates for different items being shipped. Generally "Used Auto Parts" is an inexpensive rate. No need to actually crate the items if you can strap them to a skid. It is also less expensive if you deliver the skid to the terminal and have it picked up at the terminal at the other end rather than have it delivered to your home/business. Still, you are looking at several hundred to ship across the country. Least expensive would be to separate the parts into several packages and UPS/Fed Ex.

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