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Dodge 1930 DA Coupe parts needed


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Paint is not original. No stripe either except on dash which is original. It was originally a dark grey with grey wheels. You might say that it is an older restoration and very amature I painted this with a brush 50 years ago when I was in Jr. high (darn kids do crazy things) with the idea of driving it to school. I never did as my Dad wouldn't let me. Glad now that he didn't. I thought it needed some color so I painted the wheels red with a white stripe. I'm in the process of taking the paint down to the natural color and varnishing them. What do you think? Were original spoke wheels always painted rather than left natural? Dad had the seats reupholstered. It needs the whole interior redone including rumble seat area. Rumble seat spring are long gone. I've wanted to get this done forever but at 63 I've decided if I'm going to get anything done I'd better get with it and at least see what everyone's opinion on it is. I'm open to any and all suggestions short of making a hot rod out of it. It's either going to be left the way it is or restored back to stock.

It does run pretty well, has 85 k miles, is titled, which I believe is actual. It needs brake work. One front hose leaks. Dad replaced the master cylinder back in early 60s but doubt if it would still be good. The shocks straps aren't hooked up to the body.

Thanks for your advice and help.


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