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spectacular photo on page 55


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In the latest AACA magazine there is a spectacular photo of a huge bell on page 55. Does anyone know the specifics of it?? I wondered if it was part of a display for a worlds fair, then dismantled. Or does it still exist?

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This Liberty Bell was 80 feet tall, made of sheet metal, and, was adorned with 26,000 15-watt lightbulbs.<P>It served as the main gateway to Philadelphia's 1926 Sesqui-centennial.<P>Took a magnifying glass to the photo. You can easily see, just to the right of the bell clapper, and, above the car in the center of the photo, an add for "Have a Camel".<P>Howard and Judy: Just to verify what we talked about some time ago, Pennsylvania was spelled with just one "n" on the original bell: "Pensylvania".<P>(This info has been submitted to AACA Magazine)<P>Regards,<P>Peter J. grin.gif" border="0

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