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I believe the 1911 thru 1912 radiator cap hinged at the back and had a over center catch at the front. I think the 1913-14 had a thumbnut down through the center of the cap. The 1913-14 cap was pressed metal nickel plated and the earlier caps were cast brass.

If you let me know what style you need I can look and see if i have either type. I know I have a pressed nickle plated cap with the hole in the center for the thumb nut.


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Use of the "thumb nut" started in 1914, not 1913.

The radiator cap shown in the photos is the only type cap used by Overland in 1911-13.

A painted radiator shell (should be black) would not have an unfinished brass filler neck and cap.

There was no over-center catch used on Overland radiator caps, so nobody can send you a photo.


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