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FS 1964 Electra Hardtop Convertible (Both)

Guest BJM

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You can see the top of the conv mechanism and correct rear seat set up for a convertible.

That's what I noticed. It is pretty close to me. I asked the seller to firm up on price and he said he has an offer for $2,000 and is looking to get $3,000.

I think the Pontiac version was made out of fiberglass so it could be lifted into place by 2 people.

64 Electra convertibles typically had/have skirts. Obviously road wheels are not correct.

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Reminds me of a Thunderbird roof with the Landau bars.

Yea, the Landau Bars are not handsome on this set up so I think this is an aftermarket offering.

The one photo of the interior of the roof looks to me to be fiberglass. My 1st thought was - do the factory side windows fit snug against the hardtop? It doesn't look quite right.

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