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Car Collection...Chryslers/Cadillacs

Guest roadrunnered

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Guest roadrunnered

For Sale...A car collection acquired over 40 years...

Nestled in the back of a heavy equipment storage and maintenance facility (under constant watch of the old caretaker and his dog)

is several acres of old cars that have been stored there for up to 30 years....It looks like a classic car junk yard....As far a you can see

are Cadillacs (early 50’s to early 60’s) and Chryslers (early 50’s to early 60’s) with a few Studebakers thrown in for good measure.

Most of these cars are complete with motors. Some are minus engine or parts as that was the way they were purchased by the owner. We have not been parting them out. They are just sitting there...Tires, flat and weathered. Then there is a building with about 15 cars that are staged for the owners restoration shop. These cars are Chryslers and Cadallacs.

Then there are the “Mystery Trailers”..About 15-20 semi trailers that have two classic cars each in them under lock and key....The owner really doesn’t remember what he has in those trailers and we will be inspecting them soon to find out. We have done an initial inspection this week (in between inclement weather periods) and found the following..1957 DeSoto with factory Hemi/1955 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe with Hemi...1957 Cad ElDorado with good interior...1964 Chrysler 300K with orig. 413 crossram engine...2ea. 1956 Cadillac ElDorados one complete/one w/o Engine...There are more to look at but will be providing more info next week when the weather is better...Located in Redding, Ca...The owner will set the sales prices for serious buyers....Phone: Ed...530-515-5696cars028.jpgcars011.jpgcars007.jpgcars007.jpgcars007.jpgcars008.jpgcars033.jpgcars013.jpgcars035.jpgcars026.jpgcars016.jpg

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