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56 olds undentified paper

Guest 400mag

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i just took the back seat out of my 56 olds and found an original sheet of paper from the factory. The dimensions are 5x5inch. This is what is on it


23440 B88

3611 362


As you can see i cant identify what is before the -L on the last line. If anyone knows what this peice of paper is, I would be so apreciative if you could help me.



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What you have is a very early build sheet, or broadcast sheet.

I don't think I can help with the first two lines...

3611 would be the model code for an 88 2-door sedan. A Super 88 would have a D behind it. That being said, MAYBE B88 stands for Base 88. Who knows?

362 is probably the interior trim code. I don't have that info in front of me at the moment.

L and K1 are option codes. I don't have that info in front of me, either, but I'm guessing that L is power brakes and K1 is foam seat cushions.

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You are very lucky to find a build sheet for your car. Sometimes even a original owner car has one missing ( my 76 Olds ) and some cars have them stuffed in the most unusual places. I'm also the original owner of a 69 LeMans and found the build sheet stuffed up in heater a/c ducts behind the dash. I'm in the process restoring a 62 Catalina and looked high and low for the build sheet and thought I would never find it---until I took the headliner down, it was folded and wedged between the roof section and the "C" pillar. They are a great blueprint for building your car correctly.


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Just confirming what I wrote earlier...

362 is the trim code for green vinyl and green/white pattern cloth that was used in 88 2 and 4 door sedans.

L is the option code for Power Brakes.

K1 is the option code for foam rubber seat cushions.

23440 could be a dealer code, signifying where the car was to be delivered. 23 would be the zone, 440 would be the dealer. Or, it could be something else.

227 could be an order number, but it seems awfully short for that.


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Thank you for all the help. The car is a 2-door sedan and has factory air conditioning. Could one the codes mean factory a/c? On the post I did at the top I said I couldn't identify the letter before the -L, but I think the letter is an a. It looks like a lowercase letter but might not be. If anyone knows what it means it would be great if you could help me. Thanks,


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