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Duesenberg Parts, 1929 and 1930, Model J Roadster

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I am working on a Deusenberg Restoration and am looking for parts; any sincere help and suggestions would be appreciated.

Looking any parts, especially the following:

Bijur Lubricator System or Parts


Tail Light

Front Bumber

Rear Bumber

Front Hubs, Complete or Parts



Steering Wheel

Buffalo Wire Wheels

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Dear Sir,

Have a very large group of Duesenberg parts that will be sold. Can sell individual or in a large complete lt. Please e-mail your exact needs. Thanks, Ed hllywooded@aol.com


My name is Joe and I am interested in purchasing the Model J Parts for my restoration projects. Would you plese call and or email me with a list of the parts. Again, I am not a dealer, the parts will be used on my Duesenberg Restorations.

Thank you,


Cell: 804 241 2414

Email: sullivan@intfoam.com

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