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pics of my 62 LeSabre

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Fluid good. Just no pedal. Most likely its the master cylinder. The car has been sitting for 6 years and I need to drain the gas out of the tank and carb and oil up the cylinders before I try starting it. the carb is brand new as are most of the wear items. It was restored about 10 years ago. The guy drove the car after he bought it and says it runs good. I will get there when it is time. Preventative measures must be taken first.

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I'd forgotten about the 2-bbl 401...generating 410 ft-lbs of torque.

Seeing as it appears your engine may not have been painted before, it appears that it could be the original colour. The restoration paint that is currently viewed as the "de facto" correct colour appears to be a bit paler to me.

The photos are of two of my cars. The '66 Wildcat was deemed to have the incorrect colour, in spite of it having been colour-matched using a part from the car. That isn't to say there wasn't heat change over the years or perhaps it wasn't perfectly cleaned before colour matching. The other photo is of my '54 Century, which has been deemed correct. In both photos is an untouched spark plug wire cover from my '56. Note that the '56 and '66 are both Canadian cars.

That said, I don't want to turn your thread about your new acquisition into an argument about correct engine colour.



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The engine in my 62 Electra is a bit grungy in this pic, but you can see the original color on the valve cover. My car is an 85k mile unrestored car. As far as I can tell the engine is basically untouched, except for the water pump which must have been replaced at some point because it is red.


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